Sunday, September 14, 2008

All is loneliness

First of all, I'm normally very happy being on my own. Since my divorce I have embraced the independence that comes with being single. I haven't had any serious relationships in those two years and most of the time I believe that's a good thing.

But, there are these rare times when I feel really, really, really lonely. Bridget is in the throes of a new and fantastic relationship. I'm so thrilled for her because the guy sounds so perfect for her. She's giddy, happy, secure...............I've never felt these things for anyone. Never had true love. Never felt that someone just completed me and made life so much richer with their presence.

That's okay...............most of the time..............

But not today. It seems that everything around me is screaming "your life is crap because you don't have this elusive presence". Shows, books, movies, people on the street. It's everywhere and I'm really being affected by it. It would be wonderful to have someone to cuddle up to me and tell me how wonderful they think I they want me around they are so lucky to find me..............and I feel all these things for them.

Or, maybe it's just PMS.

That's it........hormones! I'll snap out of it soon. :-)


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